Saeed Ajmal Special Interview with To The Sports

This interview was his first interview after his retirement.

Special Cheer with Legend Saeed Ajmal after his retirement.

To The Sports conducted the special interview with the legend who will talk about his bowling action decision by ICC. He will talk about his career start with state life insurance job and all about the hurdles which he faced in his sports life.

Legend Saeed Ajmal was very much dishearted after the ICC banned. He was banned due to the illegal bowling action. The legend was the number 1 bowler in his career and demolished much strong batting line-up of the top cricket teams. He will talk about his first job which was a state life insurance agent in his latest interview with To The Sports. He had a tough time in his starting career but once he settled his foot at the ground then no one will stay in front of him except Micheal Hussey. We all remember the 2010 T20 World Cup where Pakistan lost in the semi-final as Saeed Ajmal conceded 18 runs in just 4 balls.

In his latest interview, he revealed the efforts of his squad for the Saeed Ajmal Foundation and Saeed Ajmal academy in Faisalabad.

Stay tuned with To The Sports for his detailed first interview after his retirement where he gave his exclusive expressions for his fans. So must watch his recent interview.

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