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Pakistan vs Australia 2nd Test 2018 – Sheer lack of Professionalism from Azhar Ali

No lesson learned from the event of Mushfiqur Rahim’s early celebrations against India.

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Pakistan vs Australia 2nd Test 2018 – Not the first time Pakistan has suffered this fate. In 2016, Mohammad Amir was run out in comical fashion after he assumed his shot would go for six, but it was fielded spectacularly by Roston Chase.

You won’t see funnier run out than this. Run Outs in this match are so unusual. It was a sheer lack of Professionalism from Azhar. No lesson Learned from the event of Mushfique Raheem’s early celebrations against India. What Australia did in that run out is against the spirit of cricket. Lots of comments about the spirit of cricket here. The Aussies weren’t foxing. It clearly didn’t go for four. They should have run.

Azhar Ali Run out!

He edged past gully on the drive, and it ran to the rope and the Pakistan batsmen thought it had gone for four. It stopped just short of the rope. Starc chased it down and threw it back and Azhar and Asad were mid-pitch just having a chat. Paine whipped the bails off and Azhar has to go. They clearly thought it had gone for four and stopped running! They didn’t run at all. Azhar thought it was four off the bat.

Azhar’s run out is a talking point. For what it’s worth Pakistan have not shown any emotion or issues with it. They appear disappointed to make such a silly error. Australia did exactly what should’ve been done. Such laziness and unprofessionalism should be punished by him losing his wicket. Azhar’s mistake 100%. When Umpire didn’t signal it four how he can assume it four? Even Azhar realised his error as soon as he saw Paine whip the bails off. Looked very apologetic while walking back.

Fake fielding is not allowed now in Rules. So if Starc was fake fielding, then he must be penalized by the Referee. No fake fielding in this case. Starc ran hard towards the boundary, picked the ball up and threw it to Paine in one clean motion.

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