Namibia is hoping to catch high-flying Pakistan off-guard.


Namibia after scoring three wins against Netherlands, Ireland and Scotland, but they couldn’t keep up with Afghanistan and lost the match by 62 runs. They managed to score these wins but now they will face the group toppers Pakistan, India and New Zealand and they are hoping to catch high-flying Pakistan off-guard. 

Pakistan is playing really good in this world cup, won all three matches against India, New Zealand and Afghanistan. At the time it was not looking goof for Pakistan and no one hoped that they will win all three matches but they did. Now Pakistan will face Namibia and Scotland in the upcoming matches. These matches will almost be like warmup matches for Pakistan and they are hoping to win them all. 

Namibia, meanwhile, aren’t there to be anyone’s sidekick. They are Very much still in the tournament and hoping to qualify for semi-finals, the captain of Namibia Gerhard Erasmus and his team played very well in their previous matches. They have a very good fast bowler Ruben Trumpelmann and some good spinners, a solid-enough top order, and a superstar David Wiese. Their wins haven’t been one man shows, many of the team players stood up at times and helped in clearing the first round and then beat Scotland. If they catch the Pakistan cricket team off guard, they might just have the potential and high hopes to put them under pressure and they might win this one if they keep up the good team work. 

Pakistan when under pressure can be found doing some funny things, but this time they are really looking to win this World Cup. All eyes will be on Pakistan in the next match, though Namibia have a shot at this, and for now, that’s all they can ask for. They are hoping to catch high-flying Pakistan off-guard. 

Pakistan and Namibia both are playing well in this World Cup let’s see who wins the upcoming match. 


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